Tips for Enjoying Outdoor Killary Experiences

2With the Killary Harbor being Ireland’s only fjord it provides plenty of space and excitement for enjoying both water activities as well as on land. Anyone who plans on visiting this region first must make sure that they are dressed appropriately. The standard attire will depend on the time of year and the weather conditions. In general, it should be consisting of good footwear, loose clothing that is layered, as well as taking along some rain gear. In addition to this, some healthy snacks and plenty of water should be on the list as well.

If you are planning on spending an entire day here, then some pre-planning as to what activities one is going to participate in is well worth the effort.

Water Activities

There is no shortage of water activities that are available and there are different companies that offer various water activities either for the individual or in groups. These are for example kayaking as a well as raft building for those that are looking for something a little different.

In most cases the organizations that run the activities here will provide all the extra gear that is needed for the specific water activities that are going to be enjoyed. While some of these can be done on an individual basis, many of them are in groups. However, this doesn’t mean that if you are a single looking for some fun that you will not be able to participate in some of the groups that have gathered for these activities.

On land activities

Again, there is a wide selection of on land activities for any outdoor enthusiast, whether they are a beginner or experienced. There are such adventures as rock climbing, rope climbing and long walking hikes. These are just a few of the many that can be taken advantage of here.