Raft Building Adventures

Something else that is gaining in popularity for the outdoor enthusiasts is a raft building. This is not something that takes days to do but can actually be done in a day. There are some organizations that are offering this type of activity in the Killary region, and it can be participated in usually by those that are of age 8 and older. It is classed as a group activity but if you intend on going by yourself then depending on where you are participating in this activity, you may be able to join in and make up a group with others.

Quite often groups of friends will get together or even families and set off on this type of adventure. In some cases the group is broken down into smaller groups where there will be those that are going to man the raft once it’s built and the other part of the group is responsible for doing the building.

What it will consist of is the building group will be given that the materials that they need to build the raft. This will be comprised of planks and ropes as well as the barrels that are needed for the buoyancy. Once the building group has the raft made then the group will launch the raft and those that are going to man the raft will now take on their responsibilities.

Now is where the extra fun begins because now the raft builders get to challenge other groups to see who can win a race among the opposing teams. This is an activity that is going to take several hours and it may be the only activity that you want to be involved in for the day.

In most cases the companies that are offering these types of services will not only provide the materials to build the raft but they will also provide a wetsuit along with a helmet and a buoyancy device.