Planning a Day’s Outing at Killary Harbour

It doesn’t matter whether you are just one individual or you are planning an outing as a group; the best choice to make would be to spend the day at Killary Harbor. There are many activities that are ongoing here that work well for all age groups.

If you are going as a family then you may want to plan to break your day up into various activities with some being more strenuous than others. Even for those that don’t wish to be actively involved in some of the experiences that are being offered here, just sitting and enjoying the breathtaking scenery is an experience in itself.

For those that enjoy the water there are plenty of water experiences to take advantage of. Many of the activities that are being offered comes with some training sessions to ensure the safety of all those that are going to be involved in it. Some require groups to be formed in order to participate in the activities while others don’t.

There are activities such as clay pigeon shooting and even in some cases companies are offering laser combat games. For those that like the shooting type of activities and want to enjoy the out door atmosphere then this is the place to do it.

If you are new to outdoor adventures a word of caution is that many of the activities can be very tiring. You may want to plan for a more aggressive type of activity such as one of the walking tours and then end the day with something more exciting such as archery.

Make sure that you dress accordingly and bring along some snacks and water if you are planning on going on the walking excursions. Bug repellent and sunscreen are something else that you also want to bring along with you.