Laser Combat Games

Those familiar with the Killary fjord are well aware that there are many activities that can be carried out here, both on land and on the water. People who are looking for some real challenges and adventures should find that one of the activities that they may be able to participate in the area is laser combat games.

These are much along the lines of paintball adventures but they have some extra twists to them that make them a little bit more exciting. While this may seem like an activity that is geared towards the youth there are many adults that find it highly enjoyable. It is the time to get away from the boredom and take on a real adventure.

The companies that are offering this usually offer all of the gear that is needed to be used. In some cases it may be camouflaged clothing to help one blend in with the terrain that they’re going to be carrying this activity out in. Along with the gear comes some face painting to help enhance the camouflaging.

Then for a weapon participants are equipped with an infrared gun and then will set out to find what will be considered to be the enemy. This is a group participation adventure although individuals that want to go alone will often find that they can become a part of a group that is already there waiting to set out on this type of excursion. In order to make up a group there have to be several that are willing to participate. For this reason many individuals that want to participate in this activity will do so by making up their own group or go as a large family. One this is for sure it is an adventure that will be enjoyed by any participant.